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what supplies do I need to use clear stamps?
If you’re just getting started with clear stamps, you will need:
Stamps, of course!
Acrylic block(s)
Ink pad(s)
Paper or cardstock 
• Stamp Shammy or other soft cloth (like a baby wipe) for cleaning

how do I use clear stamps?
Simply stick your stamp to an acrylic block, press the stamp onto the inkpad, and then press the stamp onto paper. Check out this stamping demo video for more:

what are your stamps made out of?
Our stamps are made in the USA from the finest photopolymer available. We did extensive research to find the best product out there, and it shows! These stamps carry ink like a dream, will not tear, and have a nice cushion when stamping. :) You’re going to love them!

why not red rubber?
Sometimes you'll hear: “clear stamps don’t stamp as well as red rubber.” The reason is this: not all clear stamps are created equally. There are many companies carrying stamps that are made of silicone or vinyl. These materials weren’t designed to carry ink, and therefore the ink beads up. Photopolymer is meant to carry ink. 

Lawn Fawn stamps are always made from clear photopolymer (never silicone or vinyl!) and are made in the USA too. So not only are you getting the best quality out there, you are also supporting industry in the United States. It’s a win-win for everyone!

do I need to prime my stamps before using them?
Photopolymer stamps provide great impressions from the very first use! However, if you want to ensure an extra-crisp impression, you can prime it by inking and stamping several times on a piece of scrap paper. Or you can ink your new stamp with a clear embossing ink (like Versamark), stamp it on a piece of scrap paper, and the stamp will be ready to go! Happy stamping!
how can I keep my stamps clean?
For daily use, you’ll need to clean your stamps between ink color changes and before storing them. Our favorite way to keep stamps clean is with the reusable Stamp Shammy cleaning cloth!

After many uses, photopolymer stamps may appear to loose their “cling”. This is because lint and dust has collected on your stamps. We recommend washing your stamps every once in a while in a mild soap and water bath. Rinse them off, let them dry and they will be like new!

A note: some inks might stain your stamps. Don’t worry! They still work well and no one will ever know!

lawn cuts (dies)

what supplies do I need for die-cutting?
If you’re just getting started with die-cutting, you will need:
Dies, of course! 
• Die cutting machine 
• Low-tack tape (we like Post-it tape
Paper or cardstock 
Wire cutters, for cutting apart dies (optional) 

how do I use dies?
Each die cutting machine will have specific instructions that work best with their particular machine. However, the process is pretty similar with most machines: line up your die on paper (use tape to hold the die in place if necessary, such as with coordinating dies), sandwich it between two cutting plates, and run it through your die cutting machine! Check out this die-cutting demo video for more:

what is the difference between a coordinating die and a stand-alone die?
There are two types of Lawn Cuts custom craft dies:
Coordinating Lawn Cuts are designed to work with their matching stamp set to create perfectly cut-out images. Almost all Lawn Fawn stamps have a coordinating die set available. Not only is it super fun to use these dies, it’s also a huge time saver. No more fussy cutting with scissors! 
Stand-alone Lawn Cuts are designed to work without any coordinating stamp set. we have a large variety to choose from, including sentiments, scene-builders, pop-up dies, stackables, and 3D dies like boxes and goodie bags!

what are your dies made of?
Our custom craft dies are made in the USA out of 100% steel. Just like with all our products, we did our research to find the best material out there. These dies are truly strong and long-lasting!

which die cutting machines are compatible with Lawn Cuts?
Lawn Cuts dies are compatible with most die cutting machines, including popular brands such as Sizzix and Cuttlebug.
how do I separate the dies from each other?
The tabs that keep dies in place during manufacturing can easily be broken by bending the dies back and forth. You can also use a pair of wire snips to cut the dies apart or to trim rough and jagged edges near the broken tabs.


can you tell me more about your ink?
Lawn Fawn ink is made in the USA, acid-free, fast drying, and available in a wide assortment of fun colors!  It was specially formulated to give a clear, crisp impression. The ink pad itself is durable and long-lasting, plus we have re-inkers so you'll never run out of your favorite colors! Check out this video for a quick introduction to Lawn Fawn inks:
what is the difference between dye ink and pigment ink?
There are three types of Lawn Fawn ink:
• Premium Dye inks make up the majority of our ink collection. These inks say “premium dye ink pad” on the lid. Dye inks are acid-free, dry quickly, and are great on many different types of paper, making them super versatile. Dye ink impressions might look a little splotchy at first, but once it soaks into the paper, the stamped image will be solid and even.
• Pigment inks don’t soak into paper, so it takes slightly longer to dry. These inks (actually, currently just one, Yeti,) say “pigment ink pad” on the lid. Pigment inks are also acid-free, with a crisp formulation.
• Premium inks (aka, Alcohol Marker Friendly) are technically pigment based, but they behave like a traditional dye-based ink. Currently our only premium ink is Jet Black. This ink is waterproof, acid-free, and compatible with alcohol based markers!
do your inks work with alcohol-based makers (like Copics?)
Jet Black ink is specially formulated to work with alcohol-based markers without smearing. For other dye ink colors, you can can heat-set your ink before stamping for best results.

do your ink colors coordinate with other Lawn Fawn products?
Yes! Many of our colors have coordinating cardstock, and even coordinating Lawn Trimmings twine. You can browse by color on our shop to see which colors have coordinating products.


can you tell me more about your paper?
Our patterned paper is acid-free, FSC certified, made in the USA, and has a 65# weight (80# for kraft paper) that is perfect for making cards, scrapbooking, and more. Our cardstock is 100# and solid core. Check out this video for a quick introduction to Lawn Fawn cardstock:
is Lawn Fawn paper scrapbook safe?
Yes! Our paper is acid-free and lignin-free and completely scrapbook friendly.

Do your cardstock colors coordinate with other Lawn Fawn products?
Yes! Many of our colors have coordinating inks, and even coordinating Lawn Trimmings twine. You can browse by color on our shop to see which colors have coordinating products.
Do your paper collections coordinate with your solid cardstocks?
We have lots of different cardstock colors to mix and match with our paper collections. Click here for our recommendations.